Is there enough willingness to be part of the change?

If we have to leave democracy to politics or governments, it may be a long time before we feel that anything is really changing in the world. But is it not rather our own willingness to be part of that change that is lacking?

During the corona crisis, we saw how everything was handled through a screen. Not only the heads of our country’s leaders were full, but also our own heads, with what is going wrong, especially in terms of democracy and our voice that counts. How fiercely have you reacted at times to an opinion that was very different from your own? Have you not at times sinned against an ugly word or an accusation towards dissenters?

We are cornered, and like any herd animal, humans are susceptible to this. Fortunately, most of the restrictions are now behind us. Yet this whole crisis has shown us something else too. How unstable democracy is and how dependent we really are on those around us.

How accustomed we have become to hold on to everything negative, often pointing an accusing finger at our surroundings and parties outside us. While doing so, we forget to start small and first reflect on our own behavior and our ability to make small changes.

In addition, it is high time that we do not see each other as competitors, but as allies, and that we put aside our egos to want to be the best, the biggest or to want to be right. And this is at all levels of our society, from micro to macro.

Therefore, a collective shift in our own heads might be the first step towards a profound change. There are already many local movements that are committed to having an impact on their immediate surroundings through small-scale actions.

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