Is competing with each other still something of our time?

You see in the old ways to respond to fears of a financial crisis that traders become even more individualistic, and will do even more to excel in their profession. This can range from items to services, and even in local journalism, you still see that it is all about a race of ego or being the best. But is that still something of our time? Aren’t we better off giving each other the light in the eyes? At the end of the day, people come to your business for your brand and often for the person and therefore don’t go to someone else’s. Your brand or branding says it all if you treat your staff and customers consistently behind the scenes too.

A hand-out from a local merchant made us pause to consider new possibilities for local collaborations, such as organizing things together with competing colleagues to make it all better together, so that everyone can earn a living. Is solidarity for your fellow competitors something that should only be in your head as a trader, or is the island feeling as an individual more important in these times? Do only we want to get ahead, or do we grant the same to another?

Local newspapers also hit the books, as working on ads is no longer of the future, in our opinion. There will have to be other ways of cooperation, where the people stand up together, not from their own interests but from community feeling, to get through crises ahead, and learn from one another.

Does it make sense to keep attacking policymakers for incompetence? Is that really going to lead to better decisions? Or is it more about raising awareness, and the louder and bigger the voice the more a problem can be seen as problematic, not to attack them, but to show this is not the way to go until they get it.

What we need is lots of patience, but not to wait forever. We have work to do too – and there is enough work for everyone, so competing is not necessary.


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