Transforming crises into chances

/ It is all a matter of perspective /

It seems like everything is constantly in crisis; the corona crisis, water crisis, economic crisis, financial crisis, etc … In doomsday scenarios, things go downhill all the time, we will continue what we are doing, and we will hand over a dark world to the coming generations. But if we have the strength and perseverance to turn it around to new yet unimagined possibilities, we can save our own world, starting with our own minds. We often get lost in details, forgetting the bigger picture. Things in crisis demand change and a fresh perspective.

This is why Misflits wants to make its contribution to this. Not only to look at what is going wrong in the world but also to dare to think beyond our borders for a change. As old systems crumble, we want to use the crisis to surf on waters with a brighter perspective. The job of new media is not only to highlight what is going wrong but also how we can use it as leverage toward a world our children would like to live in.


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