Misflits.eu is a new independent innovative project to create online inspirations, projects, and stories, lift up boundaries and reach out to other European countries.

Misflits publishes reflections on current issues, and local & regional stories that can run parallel to other countries. With the aim of sharing and broadening knowledge, we want to encourage each other to let different views coexist in addressing problems in our world. We want to build bridges by stimulating working together with us and engaging the public.


People: Because people come first, both in collaborations and in stories. We prefer projects that build bridges and make awareness a priority.

Planet: Our approach is in balance with our environment. All our partners and collaborators must also uphold these values. Respect is key.

Profit: The value of profit is in more than just the results. The project serves a social purpose. There has to be a win-win for all parties involved.

Prophecy: Building a stable foundation by keeping true to four important cornerstones, while keeping a clear and simple vision. We provide in an ever-changing environment. Misflits wants to contribute to a sustainable organic growth model with an important value of consciousness. Misflits will be built step by step and will guard its independence at all times.

FOR THE LOVE OF ART / In order to help local as well as international unknown artists, we offer a free mention of their work on our website and/or link to their work, if the artwork is selected to fit with a story. In other cases, we use royalty-free photos, with the name of the creator if known. If we do not know the owner of an image or illustration, we invite you to join the research to find the owner/maker. If the creator is known to you and it turns out to be correct, we will always mention it. Thank you!


For the content of our website, we prefer working with friends, volunteers, guest contributors, journalists & content makers, and the audience. Contributors are responsible for what they write, but everything is always checked for correctness.

If you would like to work with Misflits please make contact by the contact form. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. Don’t forget to clearly write in the message box in which way you would like to collaborate. No information you give us will be used for any purpose other than this. Ever!

To get to know you better and what you expect of independent new media, we made 2 surveys/questionnaires. Please leave us your answers. This information is very valuable for insights and to progress will only take 5 minutes of your time! The surveys are anonymous.

Misflits is an independent online project built from scratch for creative and written content and is not a publisher of commercials. Misflits is not a non-profit, but an innovative project with a social purpose. To build good stories Misflits needs your support, however, part of our website will be free for as long as possible. This website is in English only. No part of this website may be copied, reproduced, or modified without our written consent. If it turns out that we have made a mistake and the remarks seem justified, we will do everything in our power to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you believe that to be the case please use this contact form! Please note that we never respond to unfair, destructive or offensive messages.

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