No money to travel? no problem …

Article | 2 min. read | Close your eyes and listen to world music, come out of your house and garden and visit Cosmopolitan Brussels or meet expats who are craving new social networks. Have dinner at world kitchens restaurant, or make Mediterranean dishes at your place and […]

Arena’s first Climate Network Conference in Prague

Article | 3 min. read | And we were there! We attended the first Climate Conference in Prague on 26 April organised by Arena (for Journalism in Europe - focused on working together across borders). Together with other fellows, we ended up in a cultural pool with Italy, […]

International women’s day: How hard is it to be a woman in investigative journalism?

Article | 3 min. read | Most countries in the European Union require that public broadcasters promote equality among men and women both in their programming and among their own employees. Women in investigative journalism are only one-third of the total investigative journalists. Iceland, Sweden, and Finland are […]

HEILWASSER: A Forgotten Treatment

Article | 2 min. read | Ever heard about 'Heilwasser' or in other words holy and healing water, and is it for real? During a road trip in the beautiful Eifel region (The eastern part of the medium-high plateau Eifel-Ardennes lying north of the Moselle and west of […]

(Br)exit to France: an unusual immigration story

Article | 2 min. read | Everyone contains a story. Some even more stories because they had a turbulent life. During this summer we had an interesting meeting with a family from England who immigrated to France just one day before the countries closed their doors because of […]

Cults: terrorism under the radar

Article | 3 min. read | Cults, we often know them from films or unreal stories somewhere far away on the other side of the world. Strange groups in the same costume, headed by a charismatic guru who always has the last word, and where strange rituals take […]


Manifesto on divisiveness ‘I only like you if you think like me’ and how to live in a world without empathy and the legacy we leave with it for the next generations. The saddest thing about the past (almost forgotten) human health crisis is not whether or not […]

Transgressive behavior action plan in the Belgian media sector is a fact

Article | 1 min. read | Since 2017, transgressive behavior stories have been increasing in the media. In many sectors, it is being made more debatable. But an old culture of permissive behavior still ensured that complaints and reports were laughed off still too often. A few heavy […]

Women in alternative media: potential for greater diversity in reporting

Article | 3 min. read | Getting a realistic picture of the male-female ratio in media is essential. Research highlights this ratio primarily in traditional media. Within alternative reporting, there is still great potential for women. Every five years, the international survey Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) is […]

Flood in Flemish Brabant Part 2

Investigation | 6 min. read | When inhabitants of Flemish Brabant municipalities had to turn off their individual water taps on 20 May 2020, it turned out that water was flowing freely in other places in their municipality. Significant differences in water management indicate that harmonization of water […]