Fair aging: If family members don’t look after elders, who will?

Article | 2 min. read | In many countries, there is a strong family culture. This means that people tend to stay close to their parents as they grow older and are often cared for by their children rather than moving away or into a care home. A […]


What kind of leadership works best? The left one is well-known and has been used for decades, not only in companies but also in our society. The one on the right side has turned that whole top-down structure upside down. Do you think this will solve all the […]


A question for our youngsters: from 0% to 100% – how much trust do you still have in our leaders and politicians? Let us know! MISFLITS #misflits #misflitsreflectionsforyoungsters #misflitsontiktok #foodforthought Image Unsplash Join our Misflits community! Be on our VIP list to engage in making the news and receive extras. Please […]

The future of editorial: freedom, speed, digital and engaged

Article | 3 min. read | The visit to Prague on the second weekend of October combined a meeting with our Czech media partner Apel from Pilzen, the News Impact Summit on the future of newsrooms and an informal meeting of EU leaders expected to discuss the three […]

Women then, women now: dealing with danger, trauma and empowerment

Article | 2 min. read | There is a major shift taking place in the way women look at themselves and their daily tasks. It is more about a reassessment of themselves at every stage of their lives than a feminist movement. Although women are by nature the […]

Is competing with each other still something of our time?

You see in the old ways to respond to fears of a financial crisis that traders become even more individualistic, and will do even more to excel in their profession. This can range from items to services, and even in local journalism, you still see that it is […]


Holidays – that time of year when we take a big break while life for others less fortunate continues unabated. How did you spend your holidays? Were you able to feel good, even knowing that some will never be able to do so? Or are you taking a […]


We have only one human life, 365 days in one year, 12 months in a year, 30 days in a month, 24 hours in a day to do everything we would like to do. We have a temporary subscription to this life and it is the same for […]


No more words are needed. MISFLITS Photo credits author unknown (please let us know if you would know his/her name, so we can put it under this incredible accurate picture. Thank you!) Join our Misflits community! Be on our VIP list to engage in making the news and […]


As various areas of life become more complicated and chaotic, you can see people longing for a quieter and simpler lifestyle. You can observe it on social media, during holidays and people’s comments on the behavior of others and especially on our rulers. How do you think hope, […]