Will this be our future?

Article | 2 min. read | In a social media post on Facebook, we were drawn towards this image (whose original owner we have not found yet - please let us know if you would! ). A LAN party with supersized laptops spread all over a main road […]

Are the days of machine-dried clothes counted?

Article | 2 min. read | A charming street scene that you can see especially in southern Europe. But will this soon become commonplace for all of us? The daily expenses that are going to weigh heavily on some families with everything becoming so much more expensive may […]

No money to travel? no problem …

Article | 2 min. read | Close your eyes and listen to world music, come out of your house and garden and visit Cosmopolitan Brussels or meet expats who are craving new social networks. Have dinner at world kitchens restaurant, or make Mediterranean dishes at your place and […]

Is traveling by train really less stressful these days?

Article | 2 min. read | When it comes to traveling, there are several options available, including road trips, air travel, and train journeys. While each mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, traveling by train is often touted as one of the less stressful options. With […]

Living with our heads in the clouds

Article | 2 min. read | We live with our heads in the clouds on many levels these days. The word 'clouds' is perhaps used more in the context of stored information than in the beautiful cloud formations above our heads. That's why for once we want to […]

A war over water in France: Mega water basins cause major unrest

Article | 3 min. read | In Deux-Sèvres, the West of France, only 1.5 hour's drive from Paris, a giant water war is going on as we speak. Mega water basins that are primarily used for agriculture, and pumping up groundwater affect the natural biotope in the area. […]

Water, the future’s golden asset

Article | 5 min. read | In honour of today's World Water Day, we dedicate an entire long article to the liquid gold that water is, that we must continue to protect at all times. Never should we take it for granted that water will still come out […]

Europe has the lowest proportion of births at home

Article | 2 min. read | Europe has the lowest proportion of births at home and is more common in other parts of the world, such as the United States. Countries like Germany, France and The Netherlands, with publicly-funded healthcare systems, tend to have lower rates of home […]

International women’s day: How hard is it to be a woman in investigative journalism?

Article | 3 min. read | Most countries in the European Union require that public broadcasters promote equality among men and women both in their programming and among their own employees. Women in investigative journalism are only one-third of the total investigative journalists. Iceland, Sweden, and Finland are […]

Creating on the ebb and flow of life: a more organic way of running the news

Article | 2 min. read | Creativity is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the less you are in need of a copy & paste mentality. Besides periods of high productivity, we have to allow empty moments with the same […]