We have only one human life, 365 days in one year, 12 months in a year, 30 days in a month, 24 hours in a day to do everything we would like to do. We have a temporary subscription to this life and it is the same for […]


No more words are needed. MISFLITS Photo credits author unknown (please let us know if you would know his/her name, so we can put it under this incredible accurate picture. Thank you!) Join our Misflits community! Be on our VIP list to engage in making the news and […]

Heatwave inspired: News Deserts

Article | 4 min. read | News deserts are a phenomenon that was originally blown over from the United States. According to an American study, its gradual rise is dividing society and making life more expensive. As a young newsroom, that started during the pandemic, we compared local […]

GOD NEVER ASKS FOR MONEY BUT IS EXTREMELY WEALTHY: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ financial rulership revealed

Investigation | Longread 7 min. | The Jehovah's Witnesses are a large worldwide church community that most people know from their door-to-door visits and have been in the spotlight in recent years because of allegations of child abuse and the exclusion of former members. But how do they […]


As various areas of life become more complicated and chaotic, you can see people longing for a quieter and simpler lifestyle. You can observe it on social media, during holidays and people’s comments on the behavior of others and especially on our rulers. How do you think hope, […]


Journalism should never become a prestige project. Sometimes we forget the essence – that it is still a profession to serve others. In a journalistic environment, it is all too often about being the best, having the biggest name under a title, and winning competitions. Just as the […]

Reflections on shifts in thinking during turbulent times and abortion: a relapse or a prediction for the future?

Article | 3 min. read | The world was shocked by the latest news of the setback of the abortion law of recent June in the United States of America. A country that is generally known for its free-of-mind country and The American Dream where almost everything is […]


Are we really ready for a collective future? If you look at the world and all its shadow sides, you see that there is still a lot of fragmentation. Not only around us but also in ourselves. We still see ourselves too much as separate individuals functioning and […]

Cults: terrorism under the radar

Article | 3 min. read | Cults, we often know them from films or unreal stories somewhere far away on the other side of the world. Strange groups in the same costume, headed by a charismatic guru who always has the last word, and where strange rituals take […]


About Diversity: What do you think about yourself when you look in the mirror? How can we be judgmental about so many things and so many people? If someone doesn’t agree with us, we often claim that we are right and they are wrong. Are our differences not […]