Women in alternative media: potential for greater diversity in reporting

Article | 3 min. read | Getting a realistic picture of the male-female ratio in media is essential. Research highlights this ratio primarily in traditional media. Within alternative reporting, there is still great potential for women. Every five years, the international survey Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) is […]


We like to watch Netflix crime and murder series from the couch with popcorn and chips, but if it happens in front of us, we don’t want to know. From a disconnected society’s point of view, it is easy to understand: ‘Fiction has nothing to do with us’ […]

Flood in Flemish Brabant Part 2

Investigation | 6 min. read | When inhabitants of Flemish Brabant municipalities had to turn off their individual water taps on 20 May 2020, it turned out that water was flowing freely in other places in their municipality. Significant differences in water management indicate that harmonization of water […]

Flood in Flemish Brabant Part 1

Investigation | 6 min. read | What caused the flooding in the Flemish Brabant municipalities in the week of 20 May 2020? Why were severe drought measures imposed? What role did the water company and the inhabitants play in this? And why do final water bills seem to […]

Flood in Flemish Brabant Overview

Investigation | 1 min. read | Water, water, the rest comes later Taps and cisterns without water. Not fiction, but a reality that repeats itself. Last spring, Flemish Brabant (a province in Flanders) municipalities had the opportunity to experience this firsthand. An incident that not only raises questions […]


WHY you started a project is often forgotten once you are in the comfort zone of your business. Remember to ask this question over and over to see if you’re still on the right track. It’s the same in the land of newsmakers. We often get so stuck […]

Stars4Media: Innovation, partnership and cross-border

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“Everything starts with an innocent idea. Don’t let the idea get away. Write it down somewhere. Years later, look at it again. If it keeps pulling at you, do something with it. That is exactly what happened with Misflits – a slow-growing seed that had to come out” […]


“If it would be for the old phone, you would be talking to one person at a time, and you would only know about the drama in the world of that one person. Today our phones give us the power to deal with all the drama of everyone […]