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Ever felt that news platforms are not people-friendly, harsh or even judgmental or one-sided and too traditional in accepting ideas or stories?

We believe that listening to what drives you to create a story is very important. We never reject a story just because it doesn’t fit into our box – but we look carefully, honestly and constructively at what you bring to us. We guard the quality of a story, but always with respect for who you are and your ideas.

One of our missions is to build bridges with other European journalists and to stimulate working together on different topics. We are not only a platform where stories are published but also organize to work on stories together. For this, we write a project we decide to do together and ask for grants to be able to dive deeper. After working on a topic we publish it on our website and connect again with other publishers.

We like to work from anywhere as a digital nomad when the story demands it, and work on diverse topics that are underreported. By offering a platform that makes this combination possible, we hope to build stronger bridges between us and other (freelance)(investigative) journalists in Europe where we cover multiple local & cross-border stories together.

At MISFLITS, we favor the constructive and collaborative approach. In this way, we believe we can raise the level of newsmaking and create stronger bonds between European journalists and our audience.

The friendlier the inside of a company is, the more lasting bonds can be forged between contributors. We believe in strong news starts with strong partnerships. This is desperately needed in Europe. We have to re-learn to truly collaborate by sharing our experiences.

You can join us not only as a newsmaker but also as a reader and contributor, where we manage to work together on important topics. Are you interested in working together with us? Please let us know. We always write you a message back!

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